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10 Great Canadian Knitting Blogs

By Kim Ryan
Owner/Artisan, Kim Ryan Makes

I subscribe to lots of knitting blogs. They’re a great way to get ideas, share information and stay in touch with trends in the knitting world.

Since I live in Canada, I have a special fondness for Canadian knitting blogs since they often blog on local issues that don’t always involve wool and needles.

Also, Canadian’s are known worldwide for being  a pretty funny bunch and most of the blogs below do have a large serving of that dry Canuck humor. In no  particular order of preference, I present to you my choice of 10 Great Canadian Knitting Blogs…

1. Knitatude:

10 blogs knitatudeThis blog is run by Canadian knitter Chantal and as the name suggest, her handknits are definitely full of attitude.  Big, bold and plushy is her knitting style. Funny and kick ass is her writing style (check out: Is It Competition or Do You Need to Calm Your Tits?). This site is mostly directed to people thinking of starting their own knitting business, but has lots of valuable info for the casual knitter too.

2. Tanis Fiber Arts

wp 10 blogs tanisTannis Fiber Arts is a small family run business in Quebec, Canada operated by Tanis and her husband Chris. They hand dyes some of the most beautiful yarns you’ve ever seen. This blog is a great mix of knitting style, family stories and beautiful photography.

3. The Knit Cafe

wp 10 blogs knit cafeThe Knit Cafe is a blog, but it’d also a bricks and mortar store in my hometown, Toronto. I live in the opposite end of Toronto and haven’t visited this store, but hope to check out some of their gorgeous yarns and maybe take a sock making class in the future. The blog itself has lots of free patterns and tutorials and is enhanced with tons of beautiful photos.

4. Jane Richmond

wp 10 blogs janerIf there as such a thing as a Canadian Knitting Superstar, Jane Richmond would be it. She has published a number of books of her contemporary knitting designs, has her own publishing company and travels around giving talks at knitting conventions. Her blog is as beautiful as her designs, very minimalist but with a wealth of information about her designs and her life as a young female entrepreneur.

5. Yarn Harlot

blogs yarn harlotDescribed as a knitting humorist, Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s blog, Yarn Harlot, has been a growing concern since 2004. She writes some very funny articles about her life as a professional knitter and author. She also set up Knitters Without Borders and has raised over $1 million for the charity, Doctors Without Borders. If you need a smile check out her post Forgive Me.…a letter of apology to the cardigan it took her 3.5 years to knit.

6. Tin Can Knits

wp 10 blogs tincanTin Can Knits is a great resource for knitters of all skill levels. Every month they publish a couple of free tutorials and patterns, plus you can click onto their full website to order great books, advanced patterns and the like. I especially like their pattern for Super Simple Mittens

8. The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done

needleWith a blog title borrowed from a Neil Young song about heroin (he’s Canadian), you know this is blog is going to have some edge. Most of the posts are reviews and critiques of patterns found in popular knitting magazines. . .useful stuff to know before buying. There’s lots of Canadian content too. Who knew there’s a pattern for knitting a Canada Goose?

9. Jaquelines’s Blog

jacquelinesOriginally from Switzerland, but now a transplanted Canadian, Jaqueline Grice is one creative lady. She dyes her own yarn, creates her own patterns and does tons of other crafty stuff. I especially like he video tutorials on entrelac knitting…knitted squares that are woven together to give a basket effect.

10. Yarn Spinner

wp 10 blogs yarspinnerAs the name suggests, blogger Joanne Seiff spins yarns of both the wool variety and the story variety. The blog focuses mainly on the many knitting and sewing projects Joanne is doing, but also manages to slip in subjects you might not expect to find in a knitting blog: Peace and hate,  diversity in knitting and the Jewish identity. When she’s not blogging, Joanne is also a knitwear designer and published author…looking forward to checking outher book,  Knit Green: 20 projects and Ideas for Sustainability


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